Tomi Lahren: Intellectual Lightweight

Unless you’ve been off the grid the past several days, you have probably seen stories about the fallout from Tomi Lahren’s comments on “The View,” especially describing herself as pro-choice. Since the comments went viral at the end of last week, reports have come out that she has been suspended from The Blaze and her show on network has been pulled for the week. Glenn … Continue reading Tomi Lahren: Intellectual Lightweight

The Fallout Surrounding the ‘October Surprise’

Recent events surrounding the presidential election have made the “October surprise” crystal clear: in this election cycle, the Republican Party is a sinking ship, and only the Trump campaign and its supporters believe it’s a submarine. With the release of a 2005 audio tape, Donald’s character and campaign hit a new low, a bombshell event that even he cannot recover from. Even worse than the … Continue reading The Fallout Surrounding the ‘October Surprise’

An Open Letter To The Divided States of America

Dear America, It has taken me a few weeks to fully gather my thoughts. It’s been a rough few weeks, and I think everyone will agree with that. I sit here considering what is going on around me, and had trouble putting thought into words. America, we are divided – no longer United – and we have failed. No matter where you stand on any … Continue reading An Open Letter To The Divided States of America

Is the Republican Party the Pawn of Vladimir Putin?

Legend has it that bellicose successor to Stalin’s role as Soviet dictator, Nikita Khrushchev, famously yelled before the United Nations in 1960 following British Prime Minister Harold MacMillan’s speech condemning Soviet aggression in the Third World and Eastern Europe, “We will bury you!” But while the United States won the Cold War without firing a shot during the Reagan/Bush years, America’s weakness some 27 years after the … Continue reading Is the Republican Party the Pawn of Vladimir Putin?

Liberalism Abounds 

I’ve been stunned recently at what I’ve heard. I’ve seen some severely left-wing policy proposals coming out of the presidential campaign. The liberalism I read about and see on television every day isn’t just applied to one topic; it is crossing over into issue after issue. You’d think after 8 years of the Obama administration the country would want to pulled back from the left … Continue reading Liberalism Abounds 

Declare Your Independence from the Two-Party System

So, you’re repulsed by the idea of Trump or Clinton becoming president? I have good news for you, so is everybody else. I also have bad news for you, most people repulsed by them will still vote for one of them. Why? Because our country cannot wrap its head around a third choice. But have no fear, the end of the two party system is … Continue reading Declare Your Independence from the Two-Party System