About Us

Red Millennial was founded on January 7, 2013 when Julia Porterfield started the website as an assignment for a journalism class at Regent University. Since the age of 13, Julia aspired to be a political journalist and saw this as an opportunity to get experience in the world of online media. It was not until the assignments ended that Red Millennial truly took off.

In hopes of expanding and providing more content, Julia opened the site to allow conservative Millennials from across the country to apply to contribute for Red Millennial. Red Millennial is currently run by Julia Porterfield, Garrett Humbertson, and Katie Zehnder.

Our mission is to provide the view of Millennials on the right. Not all Millennials are Liberal as mainstream thinking has taught us. We seek to publish views, news, and perspectives that reflect conservatives within our generation. Some of the greatest obstacles in American history must be overcome by Millennials. We seek to offer the right’s solution because historically it has worked.

Red Millennial is run by young Conservatives for all. Our desire is to provide fast, thorough coverage of politics and current events from a conservative perspective without censorship of opinions. Our staff is all college students and recent graduates from a myriad of different backgrounds with a wide array of political ideology all working towards one goal- the right fight.

To meet our staff, click here!


6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. You call yourself “Red Millennials”? Why the “Red” (the “Millennial” part I understand)?

    You say you are Conservatives. That sounds ok to me. But “Red” is what we used to call Communists (and a “good one” was dead).


  2. The colors refer to Conservative and Liberal states. Red is for Conservatives, Blue is for liberals. Thus, “red” and “blue” states. NY, CA are “blue” states; TX, SC are “red.” Colorado, once a “red” state, who the liberals are attempting to turn “blue,” is now considered a “purple” state.

  3. Read history. Red is the color of international socialism and communism. In order to continue infiltration of US after USSR dissolved, progressives appropriated the color blue and forced the color red on their political opponents. Red has been the color of bloody angry workers since the French Revolution. Red Millennials needs a re-think.

  4. So anything red is by default socialist or communist? It’s unfortunate that you let them poison one of the primary colors for you. Stalin-1 You-0


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