2018 Comes Early In Missouri

Missouri Republicans have a big issue on their hands- and it comes in the form of the 2018 United States Senate race. The race seemed to be shored up and settled before it even began, with a decided winner over a year ago. That all changed this month as Republican heavyweight Congresswoman Ann Wagner announced she would seek re-election and forego a run for the Senate. … Continue reading 2018 Comes Early In Missouri

Tomi Lahren: Intellectual Lightweight

Unless you’ve been off the grid the past several days, you have probably seen stories about the fallout from Tomi Lahren’s comments on “The View,” especially describing herself as pro-choice. Since the comments went viral at the end of last week, reports have come out that she has been suspended from The Blaze and her show on network has been pulled for the week. Glenn … Continue reading Tomi Lahren: Intellectual Lightweight

Conservatism in College: Tips for Student Activism

For as far back as I can recall, I’ve been a part of the conservative movement. From my political roots in class elections and DECA elections in grade school all the way up to working on a winning Congressional election campaign, I have always been passionate about conservatism. I have learned a lot over my journey through conservative activism, but one major issue I see … Continue reading Conservatism in College: Tips for Student Activism

Restoring Accountability to Party Politics

Doing away with the two-party system has been discussed for years, and this past election cycle was no exception, with many casting third-party votes in rejection of bankrupt character and a falling away from once-held ideals, among other reasons. One day we may see the deconstruction of our current party system. We may not. Time will inevitably tell. Though there were significant rejections of both … Continue reading Restoring Accountability to Party Politics

It’s Time To Abandon Clickbait Conservatism

The recent events with the American Conservative Union revoking their invite Milo Yiannopoulos from the annual Conservative Political Action Conference has left conservatives and libertarians with a wide range of reactions. As conservatives, we have, in the past, supported policies and principles over personalities. Over the past year or so, we’ve lost our way. With the emergence of speakers and pundits like Milo and Tomi Lahren … Continue reading It’s Time To Abandon Clickbait Conservatism

Trump’s Executive Order Frenzy

The President of the United States is a majorly important official in our successful republic. POTUS is the leader of our armed forces, our Chief Diplomat, and most importantly, POTUS is in charge of executing laws. In recent history however, presidential powers have been shifting. Since President Donald J. Trump assumed office on January 20, he has issued a staggering 18 total executive orders and presidential … Continue reading Trump’s Executive Order Frenzy

Failures of Central Planning: California City, Calif.

The moral philosopher and political economist Adam Smith wrote in his work Theory of Moral Sentiments about a “man of system.” This conceited man believes in a plan for both government and society, and intends to enact it as if he were moving pieces on a chessboard. If only all of the pieces worked, acted, and moved as he demands, society would be perfect. The … Continue reading Failures of Central Planning: California City, Calif.